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Utah ​Products
Lehi Plant

Seal Coat

Quality Seal & OptiSeal

Our Seal Coats contain the right balance of solids and liquids. Formulated for the parking lots, HOAs, hiking trails, and low speed roads.

Crack Seal

Hot Applied & Cold Pour

Before you start your job, we have the material for sealing your cracks. Hot applied for those with kettles, or cold pour for those that don't.


Mastic Seal

Onyx & Axys

Mastic seals are highly polymerized coatings designed for durability and toughness, quick drying, dark color and impermeability. For any road up to 55 mph.



For tack between lifts. For all private and day to day jobs, our CSS gets the job done.

Fog Seal


The  Optimum line is our Premium line of products. OptiFog sets faster and is tougher than conventional fog seals. It also helps stop raveling.

Fog seals are great for extending the asphalt life without paying the high costs of other treatments.

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